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VALAINA Metal Band

VALAINA isn’t just a band; it’s a beacon of hope, a force for change, and a community united by a shared passion for music and a commitment to lifting each other up. Born from the fiery fusion of modern metal, post-hardcore, and pop influences, VALAINA transcends genres to create a sound that is as powerful as it is inclusive.

Having made waves on the Rock and Metal iTunes Charts with their first two released hits, VALAINA has set its sights on a promising music career. The band’s highly anticipated debut album, “Save Me From Myself” blazes way into top 10!

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The band’s sound is dynamic and captivating, each listen is a new experience. With their thought-provoking lyrics and catchy melodies, VALAINA is on a mission to redefine the metal genre. With each new release, the band showcases not only their talent, but their dedication to addressing important issues through their music.

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