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MEGSTAR Hip-hop artist and composer

Introducing the dazzling dynamo that is MEGSTAR! With an uncanny ability to craft mesmerizing rhymes and a distinctive musicality, this young hip-hop artist has taken the world by storm, catapulting her way to success and capturing hearts along the way.

Recognizing MEGSTAR’s exceptional talent, 4SAND wasted no time in offering her a coveted record deal. Now, she shines brightly as a part of the groundbreaking podcast “Leading the Band,” where she shares her creative journey and connects with an enthusiastic audience craving her unique perspective on the industry.

With each release, MEGSTAR unleashes powerful hip-hop tracks that push boundaries and challenge the status quo. Her artistry transcends conventions, delivering poignant lyrics and unforgettable beats that leave a lasting impact.

Stay tuned, because MEGSTAR is just getting started! This rising star is hard at work, crafting more awe-inspiring music and exploring untrodden paths in the world of hip-hop. Brace yourself for an avalanche of unique words, captivating melodies, and a force of creativity that cannot be contained.

Join The Movement

Join the movement and be captivated by the remarkable talent of MEGSTAR. Her artistry knows no bounds, and with every beat, she leaves an indelible mark on the hip-hop scene. Get ready to witness the magic unfold!

Having made waves on the Rock and Metal iTunes Charts with their first two released hits, VALAINA has set its sights on a promising music career. The band’s highly anticipated debut album, “Save Me From Myself” blazes way into top 10!

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