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Introducing the Dynamic Fusion of 4SAND and 129 Media & Records!

Igniting Artistic Vision

With the powerful collaboration of 4SAND and 129 Media & Records, we bring you a unique blend of graphic design and music production expertise. Our mission is to ignite artistic vision and shape sonic landscapes, unlocking the true essence of every artist’s creative journey.

Unleashing Sonic and Visual Brilliance

As a premier production team, we have a track record of creating chart-topping hits on iTunes, showcasing our unwavering dedication to excellence and meticulous attention to detail. With 4SAND and 129 Media & Records by your side, your music and visual creations will reach new heights of brilliance.


Global Network of Creativity

At 4SAND and 129 Media & Records, we have direct access to award-winning session musicians from around the world. Whether you need the perfect guitar riff or a stunning orchestral arrangement, our vast network and instrument specialists will help you achieve the exact sound and musical journey you desire.

Nurturing Creativity

We prioritize open communication and collaboration, creating an environment where artists can freely explore their creativity and realize their full potential. Our client-centric philosophy ensures that your artistic vision is at the forefront, as we provide a range of services including music production, mix engineering, audio editing, songwriting, and collaboration.

Stimulating Visual Excellence

In addition to our music production expertise, we also offer a wide range of design services. From captivating album artwork and marketing designs to visually stunning websites and custom branding, our team of talented designers will enhance your visual identity and ensure your brand stands out.

Unleash Grammy-Worthy Talent

With our extensive network, we have access to Grammy award-winning musicians who can elevate your music, album, or score to perfection. Our ability to generate scores, charts, or even orchestras ensures that your musical journey is truly extraordinary.